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Jeanetix fitness has been great this is my first time using a one-on-one trainer they really work with my schedule that was very important I really enjoyed the different exercises there a mixture of body weight and free weight exercises my trainer is very encouraging and motivational.

Keith Britton

I can speak from personal experience that Jeanetix Fitness has some of the best trainers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area where you are at work out novice have lapsed in your training or perhaps you have a gym regular looking to take it to the next level this for sure is the place to be so don’t waste another minute it’s time to maximize you genetics at Jeanetix Fitness

Angelymoni Perales

I’ve only been going to Jeanetix Fitness for a couple of weeks now I’ve already seen a difference in my endurance and overall body the workouts are good at working your entire body and doesn’t just focus on one part I feel lucky to be here

Courtney Cox

I would recommend Jeanetix fitness to all my friends and family.

Lauren Olivia

I would highly recommend Jeanetix Fitness to reach your fitness goals.

Erik Luna

Bottom line, Jeanetix Fitness is the best in town.

Chad Diab

Definitely one of the best, and is always positive and professional.

Tomekia Lane

I couldn’t be happier with my results.

Courtney Holland

I highly recommend Jeanetix Fitness to all my friends

Ruben Avalos

I have seen dramatic results in myself and other people that train at Jeanetix Fitness

Guillermo Hernandez

Jeanetix Fitness is the greatest way to put your body in shape.

Garrett Sosbee

Never a dull workout.

Andie Miller

Jeanetix Fitness is amazing they will really push you towards your goals while building some confidence as well Jeanetix training has become the only thing that works for me when it comes to reaching my goals

Jasmin Jenee

Jeanetix Fitness is the “GOAT” (Greatest Of All Time) they will help you achieve any goals that you want with your body those results won’t happen unless you are willing to work hard if you are a prospective D1 athlete or just anybody in general and is ready to perform at a really high level sign up for Jeanetix Fitness

Obi Obinwa

As a college football player coming home from summer break and needing a great trainer with affordable rates Jeanetix Fitness is the place great trainers with a great plan

Nick LaSane

If you need good guidelines, Jeanetix Fitness is the place to come and achieve your goals. Totally recommend this place to everyone.

Jose Jurado

Jean at Jeanetix Fitness is the best personal trainer I’ve ever had. He’s very professional, patient and caring about all of his clients. He tailors every workout to the specific needs and goals of each person. In my first month and a half with him, I have lost 15 pounds. No gimmicks, no shakes, pills or wraps, just hard work and good nutrition. If you have a lot of weight to lose or not a lot and just want to tone up, Jeanetix Fitness is the best way to go. They have taken so many other clients where they want to go, and I can’t wait to continue my success with Jeanetix Fitness.

Samantha McNeal

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