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In the fitness industry, most gyms and gym trainers charge their clients a per-session fee. They sell them at high rates for a few sessions and discount the sessions when many are purchased at the same time. To maintain being able to utilize the same gym trainer, clients will meet with them as sparingly as possible in order to spread their sessions over a longer period of time. This method does not promote daily exercise or generate great results.

At Jeanetix Fitness in place of per-session fees, we charge a monthly rate. If you come once a month or 24 times in a month, you will pay the same price. We have several great reasons for operating on a month-to-month plan.


Our main reason for operating the way we do is we want you to come in as often as you can. We do not have set training times, so we are able to accommodate your schedule. For example, by coming in six days a week, you will quickly reach your goals and make exercise a part of your daily routine. The more often you train, the more time you have to build a healthy relationship with your body. However, we understand that many people can’t visit as often as that, and we are determined to help them reach their personal fitness goals as well.


As your fitness trainer, we need to see you in action! The more often you come in, the better idea we have of where you are in your growth. Your personal gym trainer can see a daily account of how your body is responding to certain exercises and determine whether or not you need to make adjustments.


You deserve the best fitness trainer! Your goals are very important to you and we understand that you want quality workout fitness training sessions. By hiring your personal fitness trainer on a month-to-month basis, we are required to work hard to keep you as a client. If our fitness training program isn’t doing its job and a personal fitness trainer leaves you dissatisfied, chances are you won’t hire us again next month. The prospect of losing our clients if we don’t provide results keeps us motivated to work harder for you. Our personal fitness trainers train hard, but they also train smart!


Accountability! You are more likely to come as often as you can when you pay monthly versus a session that doesn’t expire. You want to get as much as you can for your dollar. If you pay for an entire month, you’re less likely to skip your fitness workouts. At Jeanetix Fitness we believe you have the right to the best fitness training program with a gym trainer who is committed to you. The more committed you are to coming in and working hard, the more results you’ll see. Our gym trainers want you to succeed and reach your goals, and you won’t be disappointed!


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