Jeanetix Fitness Test

What is the Jeanetix Fitness Test?

The Jeanetix Fitness Test (JFT) is a proprietary fitness test that allows our clients to analyze the fitness level they currently have. We understand the challenge that everyone faces when trying to measure their personal fitness level. Our client’s journey of getting healthy and fit is a challenge that we put to the test with our Jeanetix Fitness Test.


There are many reasons for someone to join a gym (losing weight, overall heath, getting stronger, etc.). However, without a clear plan towards your personal fitness goals, you may actually end up not knowing where you stand. That’s why we created the JFT.


The JFT is a series of exercises carefully crafted that need to be done in a specific order against time. These exercises remain the same for the duration of the program. At the end of every exam the results are logged into our database.  The JFT is intended to be performed periodically to see the benefits of it entirely.

At Jeanetix Fitness, the unique workout training methods contained within our fitness training programs are proof that we work hard to keep our clients satisfied to help them reach their utmost goals in the most productive way possible.

Our fitness trainers lead, instruct, motivate, work hard with you and, most importantly, provide you with tangible results. This last part is not easy, and it might just be the most difficult thing to achieve. At the end of the day, everyone is looking for the ultimate transformation. So how do we do that at Jeanetix Fitness? The answer lies in showing you the actual numbers and stats.


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