Guidance Training

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Guidance Training

Jeanetix Fitness offers a dynamic and efficient workout that uses a combination of exercise machines, weights, fitness balls, and kettlebells. We incorporate body weight movements, cardio, and aerobic activity customized to an individual’s goals and fitness level.

Our Guidance Training program is personal training “at arm’s length”, meaning there is enough structure, interaction, and guidance to keep you motivated, safe in your movements, and challenged, while allowing you to work at your desired pace and ability level.


With the Guidance Training program, you won’t have to develop your workout, your trainer will do that for you, but in time, you will be equipped with the tools and understanding to do so.


The Guidance Training program gives you more!

  • More flexibility. Not bound by a class or trainer’s schedule, you can be in the gym at a time and for the duration that is right for you.
  • More repetitions through the training sessions. Our circuit-style training allows your body and mind a chance to learn and revisit exercises, without becoming bored.
  • More variation. You will have exposure to a variety of fitness equipment and tools as you focus on a different area of the body each day.

The Guidance Training program will help you feel more confident while getting into the best shape of your life!

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