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Jeanetix Fitness Group Training Program

Our advanced, fast-paced, high-energy, Group Training Program is designed for individuals who enjoy being pushed to their limits by a supportive community of peers. Our team-based group training will empower and inspire you to do extra repetitions, move faster, and lift heavier weights, as you continue your fitness journey.  Whether you are already an elite athlete or want to train like one, our group training program guarantees optimal fitness results.

These scheduled 50-minute group sessions combine strength-training, cardio movements, and body weight exercises to deliver high-intensity, motivational, and fun workouts that will keep your body challenged and your mind engaged.  Our sessions are team-oriented, competitive,and encouraging, provided by instructors with varying  styles of training. Therefore, your workouts will feel new and exciting, no matter how many times you come back.

The goal of the Jeanetix Fitness Group Training Program is to offer safe and efficient workouts, designed to improve your mental and physical health and help you get into the best shape of your life!

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