Free Trial Waiver Agreement




Jeanetix Fitness LLC (“us”, “we”, or “our”) operates the website (the “Service”).


Jeanetix Fitness LLC, hereinafter referred to as “the company”, “we”, “Jeanetix”, and “Jeanetix Fitness” may change the terms and conditions at any time. The customer, hereinafter referred to as “the member”, “you”, “yourself”, “member”, “members”, and “I” have the responsibility to read the latest and most current terms and conditions at any time desired.


I acknowledge that I have been informed of the need to obtain a physician’s examination and approval prior to beginning this exercise program. I fully understand that the program may be strenuous and choose to participate completely voluntarily. I accept the responsibility for my health and any resultant injury or mishap that may affect my wellbeing of health in any way. I hold harmless of any responsibility, the instructor, facility or any persons involved with this program, assessment and/or testing procedure. All members are advised and encouraged to consult with his/her personal physician before beginning use of fitness or exercise facilities and/or equipment or participating in any physical activity.