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At Jeanetix Fitness, we differ from most other programs in the industry. In place of per-session fees, we charge a monthly rate. Whether you visit once in a while or 24 times in a month to work with a fitness trainer, you will pay the same price. We have several great reasons for operating on a month-to-month plan and feel that it best serves all of our clients. Call us to quickly find the personal fitness trainer nearest to you.

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Jeanetix Fitness is the "GOAT" (Greatest Of All Time) they will help you achieve any goals that you want with your body those results won't happen unless you are willing to work hard...

Obi Obinwa

No gimmicks, no shakes, pills or wraps, just hard work and good nutrition. If you have a lot of weight to lose or not a lot and just want to tone up, Jeanetix Fitness is the best way to go.

Samantha Mcneal

I've only been going to Jeanetix Fitness for a couple of weeks now I've already seen a difference in my endurance and overall body the workouts are good at working your entire body and doesn't just focus on one part I feel lucky to be here

Courtney Cox

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